Welcome on the webpage of the BME Student Computer Centre!

Dear Students and Users,

With this page we'd like to make easier to get information about the services of the Student Computer Center. We collected the most important things about us. We strongly recommend to read them before coming to us.

Unfortunately not all information is available in English. In those cases we can suggest to get a help of a Hungarian (or at least Hungarian-speaking) friend of you.

Here you can find basic information about the URAL2 server account

You can get our services only if you accept and observe the regulations and rules of Ministry, BME and SCC:

Here you can find further collection about the general concepts on the communication through the Internet (some parts only in Hungarian).

Our PCs work after you registered yourself on the https://login.bme.hu/admin webpage. (Unfortunately, currently there is only a Hungarian language on that page.) The registration may be done only when you are "Active" status in NEPTUN. When you are eg. on "Passive" status, your login id on our PCs are suspended.
Further information about using our PCs (Hungarian lang.)

Frequently Asked Questions and their answers, solutions (Hungarian lang.)

Information about some services that are not supported directly by the SCC, but it is worth to mention here:

  • Internet connection possibilities supported by the BME (wireless)
    Wifi registration site: https://accadmin.hszk.bme.hu
    If you have problem with the registration, please email: support@hszk.bme.hu
    In cases of technical issues with the service you can get further help on the following address: helpdesk@eik.bme.hu
  • If you have internet access at a commercial ISP, and you want to get access to the BME Intranet: VPN service
    In cases of any problems with this service you can get further help on the following address: net-admin@bme.hu