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for using the Students' Computer Centre (SCC) of the BME

This version of the regulations is not the current version.
Unfortunately the current version can be read only in Hungarian language, here.

1. Introduction

The SCC is to provide the environmental, personal, hardware and software conditions necessary for the computing, informatics, and study activities of students and lecturers defined by the University's management. Taking into consideration the fact that this activity involves making provision for several thousand users, it is vital to establish a certain internal physical and general system so that we are able to provide undisturbed operation and service. The REGULATIONS express the system formed over the years and establish it as the ''internal rule'' of the SCC. Naturally the aim is not to form a bureaucratic system of barriers but to ensure the smoothest possible operation and offer as many opportunities as possible. Restrictions in the REGULATIONS also serve this purpose.
Any written comments, ideas from lecturers and students are welcome and we are ready to modify the REGULATIONS after consulting with the management of the University and the proposer in order to improve the operation of the SCC.

2. The services of the SCC

Basic rule: The SCC can only be used for instructional purposes.

- Timetabled use

Subject to the provision made for each department in the timetable which is drown up each semester, students can use the computer rooms of the SCC in the presence and on the responsibility of an instructor.

- On - site individual use

Any lecturer or student who is entitled can use the services of the SCC for study-related purposes in addition to its timetabled use.

- Network use

A part of the services of the SCC is also available on the University or external network for those who are entitled.

- Special use

It is only possible to use the SCC for purposes not mentioned above with the permission of the Centre Manager.

3. Scope of the users of the SCC

3.1 Lecturers

Any university lecturer or any other lecturer taking part in the instructional activity of the SCC.

3.2 Students

Any student of the Technical University of Budapest, or any other student taking part in official instruction in the SCC.

3.3 Special cases

Those who do not belong to categories 3.1, 3.2 may be permitted by the Director of the SCC to use the Centre for a limited amount of time and in justified cases.

3.4 Use of the computers

The PCs in the SCC only work if a "TIRIS" authorisation card is inserted in the proper place. Cards may be purchased by any authorised BME student on registering. If the authorisation card is not placed in the slot indicated for this purpose next to the computer, the machine will not work. If a student or teacher does not possess an authorisation card he or she may only use the equipment in the SCC with the permission of the operator. Lost cards must be reported to the Dean's Office who will issue a temporary authorisation until the card is replaced. This will enable the user to be logged into the system with a GUEST card. Students who do not have "active" status can also request a GUEST card, which will enable them to use only the NEPTUN system.

Students who do not possess their own authorisation card may be logged in with a Guest card only in order to do a supervised activity or exam, or if they have written permission from the SCC Director.

4. General Order of Use

4.1. Opening hours

The Computer Centre is open from 8 to 20.30 (8 am - 8.30 pm) on weekdays. In exam period or in a summer season the opening hours can be shorter. Once a week, on a different day each semester, the SCC is closed from 12 to 15 (12 am - 3 pm) for repairs and maintenance.

In exam period SCC gives priority for NEPTUN access. Other activities and services may be restricted.

4.2. Using the SCC

4.2.1. Operator supervision

Each room or group of rooms is supervised by an operator during opening hours.

The operator is responsible for the rooms as long as he is on duty.

He does his job in order to provide optimum service. He is responsible for keeping rooms and equipment in order, and for observing the REGULATIONS. Users must obey his requests and instructions even if they disagree with him. Users should complain to the Director of the SCC in case of any objection to the operator's work or instructions.

4.2.2. Timetabled use

Students may only enter computer rooms during scheduled classes together with their teacher. Teacher must hand in his/her SCC card to the operator on duty: only then will they have the use of the requisite equipment. On returning the equipment, he is given back his card. He assumes responsibility for discipline, and order in the computer room and the proper use of machines and instruments during the class. If the instructor has not yet made use of the computer room 15 minutes after the official beginning of the class, the class must be considered cancelled and users may use the computer room freely after handing in their SCC cards. If three consecutive classes are cancelled, the SCC is empowered to take back the timetabled slot. If this happens, the head of the subject concerned and the relevant Dean's Office will be informed.

4.2.3. Individual use

Users may use omputer rooms before and after scheduled classes or during cancelled classes individually. SCC staff may at any time, ask to see a valid identity card bearing a photograph, in addition to the TIRIS card. Anyone who makes improper use of the equipment will be removed from the user database; they may, however, later be granted individual computer-user status upon satisfactory resolution of their case. Except when the supervising operator thinks that summary offence - that can only be cleared later - has been committed. In such a case the SCC card is not returned and the Director of the SCC may only return it. 10 minutes before the beginning of each class users must leave computer rooms so that the operator can check, prepare and air the room.

4.2.4. Use of the network and server The main server of the SCC is ural2.hszk.bme.hu. Persons entitled to use the services of the SCC may get an individual account (user code).
For other servers it is the duty of the system manager of the given other server to decide whether any request to use the other servers is rightful and can be met. Accounts can only be obtained in person from a member of the SCC staff, on production of an identity card. Accounts can only be used for instructional purposes. The SCC assumes responsibility for the operation, quality or suitability for any purpose of the accounts up to a degree stated in the Hungarian rules of law. Demands on the system to resource devices which result in a noticeable decrease in the level of services available to other users may only be made with the prior agreement of the system manager, who must also be informed of any intention to run a programme of more than 24 hours' duration. Users may only perform activities on the network and computers of the SCC that do not violate statutory provisions or University regulations.
Users are exclusively responsible for any activity under the account and for the resources provided in a moral, legal and financial sense. Programs that are supervising other systems allowed to run only if the system manager agreed previously. Requirements written in this regulation apply to the information appears on the user's web pages. The system manager is entitled to delete materials violating the interest of the University or the SCC - even it is not forbidden by other rule of the regulation - with a subsequent notice. It is forbidden to restore such information again. Each user is responsible for the security of the system. To this end, users must protect their accounts with a password not known to anyone else and which is not easily guessable. On the occasion of the first logging in, the password given by the system manager must be changed for a new one. It is expedient to choose a password of numbers and small and capital letters consisting of at least 6 characters. If the user suspects that his/her password is known by anyone else, he/she must change it without delay. It is strictly forbidden to hack into on other computers, unlock others' passwords or attempt it and use resources users are not entitled to use. In addition it is also forbidden to put the account or any service of the server at someone else's disposal, or to transfer or lend. Any attempt to do so will result in the user concerned being banned from using the services of the SCC. Users must report any cases which contravene item Users are obliged to co-operate (including acting as witnesses) with the system manager in the investigation of such cases. General information is available to users via the daily message service, the motd and the http://www.hszk.bme.hu homepage. Communications to individual users are sent via email. Users may send details of any problems encountered to support@hszk.bme.hu or discuss them during the advertised consultancy hours. Users must log out and check whether they have succeeded in logging out when their job is done. If there are strong grounds for suspecting activity which breaks the rules, the system manager may, for the purposes of investigation, open the files of users without their being infromed.

4.2.5. Validity of accounts Accounts are valid as long as (except when invalidated due to summary punishment) the person on whose name is officially registered at the University. Before terminating of an account, the system manager sends a notice about it directly to the user via e-mail 2-4 weeks before the deadline. The user code number of any student who does not have "active" status for three consecutive semesters may be suspended by the system manager until the user assumes "active" status again. If the suspension lasts for two years, the SCC may delete the user code number without notification.

4.2.6. Sanctions The system manager may refuse to provide an account if he is aware that the applicant has contravened points, or The system manager may invalidate the account without delay and the SCC will initiate disciplinary procedures in case of acts seriously endangering the safe operation of the system as well as those listed under points and If the system manager suspects violation of the regulations, he may suspend the account until the matter is looked into. The management of the SCC forwards the results of the investigation to the university staff member or organ competent in disciplinary procedures. The system manager deletes any programs and processes which contravene point without notice.

4.3. Printing

There is a central laserprinter - accessible through the network from any computer in the rooms.

Printers may only be used for printing material relevant to the course of study, which is no more than a few pages long. Charge per page is 10 Ft (reduced rate) during the academic turn, 25 Ft during the exam period. Receipts can be obtained from Katalin Bokor in Room R 425.

4.4. Software use regulations

4.4.1. Only authorised software may be run on the computers of the SCC. The SCC has already purchased the general purpose software and is increasing the stock, as far as finances will allow. Departments may send over their own software to be used for instructional purposes, if this is not available in the SCC, together with the documentation concerning authorization and the number of copies to be installed.

4.4.2. The following rule is vital in the interest of reducing the risk of virus infection:

Programs from external sources may only be run (or a computer started from a floppy disc) after a thorough virus scan. If virus infection is suspected, the operator must be informed who of will perform the control. The computer may not be used until the virus has been removed.

5. General prohibitive orders concerning the use of the SCC

The SCC may take action against or report who violates the following prohibitive orders anyone - depending on the degree of the offence. The SCC - within its own competence - may bar the offender from using the individual services of the SCC for up to 6 months.

5.1. General

- Food and drink may not be brought into or consumed in the computer rooms.
- Smoking is forbidden.
- Users must not disturb others by speaking aloud or making noise.
- Users must not leave bags or items of clothing on the tables.
- Users must have their own TIRIS card.
- It is forbidden to transfer TIRIS cards.

5.2. Prohibitive orders concerning software use

The primary condition of the customs-, duty-, and taxfree availability of the equipment of the SCC is that the equipment may only be used for instructional purposes.
Anyone who contravenes this prohibitive order bear the financial responsibility for the damage caused by the subsequent withdrawal of the custom, duty and tax concession, which operates retrospectively.

- Only freeware may be copied in the SCC. Copying other software is against the law, consequently it is forbidden.
- It is forbidden to change the configurations of the system software.
- It is forbidden to run games on the computers in the SCC.
- It is forbidden to run indecent, obscene, bawdy, or other offensive programs either on the computers of the SCC or on the network and forbidden to transfer such information.
- Acquiring, modifying (or attempting to do so) or transferring to unauthorised persons any individual’s authorisation (password, account, file accessibility, etc.), wilfully or unwilfully, is forbidden. In cases of the transfer of authorisation, responsibility rests with both the transferer and the reviewer, who this infringes the regulations. Anyone obtaining information about such a case must report it to the competent system manager or respectively must inform the relevant system manager or assist the investigation by providing the information at his disposal.
- It is forbidden to run any software that is able to disturb, deceive or abuse of any (or any other other) system.

5.3. Prohibitive orders concerning hardware use

- It is forbidden to change the hardware configuration of the network.
- It is forbidden to connect non-established external hardware without permission.
- It is forbidden to change the location of the machines or to disconnect them.
- Any hardware problem must be reported to the SCC hardware manager, who must be given every assistance.
- In the case of authorisation key programmes, the user with near the financial cost caused by the disappearance of the authorisation key.

5.4. Fire prevention regulations

- It is forbidden to use a naked flame or do anything which might cause a fire.
- Smoking is forbidden.
- Any user who sees that a fire has started in the computer rooms or any other room of the SCC must report this immediately to the operator on duty and then leave the SCC as soon as possible.
- In all other cases the Fire Regulations of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics apply.

5.5. Work protection regulations

- The SCC computer rooms are for instructional and study purposes and must be used properly.
- Students are forbidden to remove the protective covering of electric appliances in the computer rooms or to transform or install electric appliances.
- In all other case the Work Protection Regulations of the Technical university of Budapest apply.

5.6. Users bear financial or disciplinary responsibility for any damage arising from non-observation of the REGULATIONS, improper use, or carelessness.

6. Conclusion

We hope observation of the REGULATIONS will safeguard the operation of the SCC and our users' interests.

Ensuring that several thousand users can work undisturbed in the SCC often overburdens the staff of the SCC. This is why we kindly request our users, lecturers and students alike, to help us by observing the regulations.

Budapest December 2003

                                                                      /Dr. Zoltán Helybéli/
                                                                      Assistant Manager