Welcome on the webpage of the BME Student Computer Centre!

Basic information about the URAL2 server account

You can register yourself for the URAL2 server services at the accadmin.hszk.bme.hu web interface. You must be an "Active" status student to do this registration. (It means NOT ONLY the paper-work, but the electronic registration within the NEPTUN information system.)

Name of our server is: ural2.hszk.bme.hu .

Main services:

  • Full shell access to a UNIX server
  • E-mail service (WEBMAIL too)
  • Webpage possibility
With your account you get an e-mail address as well. Your e-mail address is: <login-name>@hszk.bme.hu

You may have own webpage. The correct reference will be: http://users.hszk.bme.hu/~<login-name>

You have to freshen your password in approximately every 6 months (it must be at least 6 character long, and the first 6 must contain letters and non-letters as well). Most of the URAL2 services cannot use with expired password.
You have two possibilities to freshen your password:

  • On the accadmin.hszk.bme.hu web interface
  • Directly in the URAL2 operating system (in this case the password on the URAL2 may differ from passwords of other BME IT services):
    • If your password has not expired yet, you have to log in with an SSH program, and issue the passwd command. You have to type the existing (old) password, and a new password twice. When you type these passwords (both the old and new ones) you do not see any characters.
    • If your password has already expired, you have to use an SSH program. Please log in. After a succesful login, you will see the following: Enter existing login password: . This doesn'n mean a wrong password, it means that immediately starts the password changing procedure. Please give the existing password, and twice a new password for yourself.

You find some further information in the "Student Survivor Manual" chapter Computer facilities and Attachment #7.

If you have problem or question we ask you first to check our web page and/or the "Segítség, használati tanácsok"(i.e. frequently asked questions) page. (It is available only in Hungarian language, so we suggest to find a Hungarian speaking friend to help you.) If you did not get solution, you may write to the support@hszk.bme.hu e-mail address.